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2022, publication, A5
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“All the sentences that appear in this book are not from “us”. We have only collected, chosen and assembled them. They come from personal stories, legal documents, militant opinions, scientific analyses, pub conversations, etc. Their denunciatory frameworks have not been hierarchized. Their denunciation frameworks have not been hierarchized.

These fragments bear witness to the polyphony that runs through the streams. They do not point any responsibility, do not formulate any accusation. They only invite us to look at the rivers and their watersheds and highlight certain concerns that are linked to them.

The title comes from a speech made by a local resident during the preparations for an artistic performance aimed at recalling a spectacular flood in a village. Taken out of its context, it seemed to us to evoke those who live the floods by living as close as possible to the banks, but also to summon the owners of the mills, who, in the past, played a role in the regulation of the water. Those who “make the flood” are also the professionals of the development, water technicians or town planners who have kindly shared with us the framework of their jobs.

Extract from the foreword.

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