Nielle des blés

2022, screenprinting on paper, 60 x 40 cm
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A herbarium of corn salad, photographed at the Conservatoire des Plantes de Bailleul, is printed by hand on sheets intended to wrap French fries in the French fry shops of northern France. The printing of the flower surprises the customer, who usually takes his order in a blank brown paper. A text accompanies the herbarium on the back. It tells the story of this flower, which is now on the list of endangered species, as well as the experiments conducted by Professor André Caudron on the association of this messicolous plant with the cultivation of potatoes. The corn root would increase the production of the tuber vegetable while protecting it from mildew, a dreaded fungus that sometimes leads to the destruction of the plot. This association between two plants is taken as the symbol of an alternative to phytosanitary treatments.

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