2018, porcelain and cotton rope.

Horizons, Arts en Sancy exhibition.

« 300 years ago, the women of Rajasthan gave their lives to save sacred trees by hugging them. This Indian protest movement would pave the way for ecofeminist campaigns of the 1970s. Here these are no longer arms, but rather bracelets with bells (taking on the form of those worn by classical Indian dancers) which surround the trees. A soft and protective graft born out of the artist’s own desire to surround without shearing. These bells are artificial limbs which seem as much to take care of the tree as the evoke the ability to raise the alarm if something should happen to it. Their braiding enters into correspondence with the bunch of fibres constituting the tree itself. A full gesture from the sculptor herself, attentive to the subtle transformations of the environment, with respect to the material, the weight and the scale, the energy of force and flow, and the craft of the artisan that combines the hand with the spirit. These works made from porcelain and string, with a sparse presence in a living space, invite you for a stroll. A story ripe for the imagination of new rituals is woven between them. »


Mathilde Villeneuve.

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