Les Faveurs de Vénus

2020, wood, leather, plaster and mylar.
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Vacances Romantiques of Perchépolis, at Château du Soudun.

The installation follows the architectural specificities of the wall of the barn of the Château du Soudun (Indre).  Its ornamental and symbolic dimensions echo the history of the place. Mylar (a film used to reflect light in botany) covers the inside of the windows and falls over several meters. Lasciviously, the bangs of the leather, whose cut is that of the contours of the animal’s skin, are waved on it. Plaster casts of scallops adorn each of the openings. This symbol is since antiquity that of love and desire, and protects from bad spells and diseases. By its references, Les Faveurs de Vénus are both turned towards the past and anchored in the present. They evoke a past or future matriarchal civilization.

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